As we enter the summer season, a lot of us will be venturing out to enjoy the beautiful weather that Boise is known for. Lately, however, we’ve been seeing a lot of rain throughout the area… especially on weekends! With the moisture and warmer temps, we’re seeing more and more mushrooms in our lawns, backyards, and even along the trails.

Chris Cardenas/TSM Boise
Chris Cardenas/TSM Boise

Just this past weekend, I was taking our dog Shiner out to go potty and noticed several of these little guys all over the place. Dogs are curious creatures so naturally, I had to give Shiner a little tug each time we passed these mushrooms as he searched for the perfect potty spot.

As a parent of two children, I knew right away I want to keep my kids away from them but are they harmful to dogs? It’s not uncommon for our dog to sniff around looking for his “spot” but what if he nibbled on a tiny mushroom that I couldn’t see?

According to the Veterinary Centers of America (VCA), unless you’re an expert in identifying wild mushrooms, we should all be treating “mushroom toxicity” in our pets as an emergency situation every time. The site says that depending on the toxins, pets can become ill within 15 minutes while other symptoms may not show up for a whole week. The VCA says that there could be several toxins within these mushrooms that could cause serious health problems within our furry friends… or even death.

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