Our tenth annual Miller's Mission has concluded at the Wal Mart on Garrity and Franklin. Your commitment has once again made a difference to feeding families in the Treasure Valley.

Miller's Mission Concludes in Nampa, Idaho

A powerful week of giving concludes commemorating 10 years of Miller's Mission benefitting the Boise Rescue Mission. Give a Turkey, Don't be a Turkey.

For over sixty years, the Boise Rescue Mission has taken the homeless, fed the working poor, got people off drugs and other works without government funding. The staff of the Mission runs four banquets between now and New Year. Two in Boise and two in Nampa that feed and cloth people who couldn't afford hot meals.

The Mission helps recovering addicts find jobs, homes and sometimes restore personal and professional relationships.  What began as an idea over ten years ago, Miller's Mission has grown into twice-yearly events designed to promote charitable giving and awareness for the Boise Rescue Mission.

Miller's Mission

A look back at the first 10 years of Miller's Mission

I lived at the Mission while hosting the KIDO Talk Radio Morning Show.  Once I was off the air, I cleaned bathrooms, served meals, and did other daily chores that Mission guests perform daily. Those work experiences helped me appreciate what folks go through on their road to recovery. Not only does the Mission help with shelter and food, but they also provide residents with job training and GED preparation. You can truly become a different person by living at the Rescue Mission.


After living at the Mission, we decided that their works needed to be publicized more than once a year. Everyone's attention is on giving during the holidays but not during other times of the year. The following Spring, we took our campaign to the Meridian Wal Mart on Fairview near Eagle Road. There was no Village at Meridian or Kleiner Park at that time. The response was outstanding as our 'Spring Mission' helped fund the Mission's Summer programs. We owe a great deal of gratitude to the folks at the Meridian Wal Mart who let us move in for a week.

The addition of the costumed turkey was away to stand out in a crowed media/digital world.  Over the years, thousands of resident have laughed and smiled while taking pictures with the 'Treasure Valley Turkey.'

You can donate anytime by going to Boiserm.org.  We want to thank all of you for once again making this Thanksgiving a happy one!  God Bless.

Boise Rescue Mission Bill Roscoe

The Boise Rescue Mission and their CEO Reverend Bill Roscoe continue to serve our community.


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