The city of Nampa will not mandate that city employees be vaccinated as a term of employment.

Nampa's move echos that of the state through an executive order by Governor Little earlier this year. Nampa's decision furthers the debate on whether employees have the right to say no to getting the vaccination shot.

Recently, federal courts have ruled in favor of employers mandating vaccination as a term of employment.The area's three largest medical providers have given their employees till September to begin vaccinations or be terminated. No word on whether the impending terminations will further the nursing shortages in Idaho. reports that the rural areas of the state suffer from an extensive scarcity of healthcare workers.  

Like the state's, Nampa's direction doesn't impact the private employers who may determine employee vaccination status. Lieutenant Governor Janice McGeachin has called House Speaker Scott Bedke to reconvene the House to pass legislation protecting Idaho healthcare workers. So far, the speaker has declined to act. Last week, Senator Jim Rice of Caldwell told us that only the speaker, not the governor, can bring the legislature back into session.  

Take a Stand will be holding another rally/protest at the Saint Luke's in Nampa Thursday from 5 pm-7 pm. Here is the resolution passed by the city of Nampa Monday night.

WHEREAS, the City of Nampa is a community that respects the contributions of all residents in various sectors of employment, which greatly benefit the general welfare of all;

WHEREAS, many residents in our community are facing potential unemployment due to their concerns about a vaccine mandate as a condition of employment;

WHEREAS, while the pandemic has created divisions over the past year, we encourage all residents to be mindful and respectful of the decisions of others;

WHEREAS, while respecting the rights of employers to determine their own conditions of employment, we also respect the concerns of employees who do not wish to receive the COVID vaccine.

NOW, THEREFORE, IT IS HEREBY RESOLVED, the City of Nampa will not require its employees to be vaccinated as a condition of employment. We encourage other employers within the city to also consider how to accommodate the personal healthcare decisions of their employees as it relates to the COVID vaccine while keeping their workforce and our community safe.

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