There is a lot to see along Idaho's Interstate 84 and it is constantly developing and changing. When heading west, on the last Caldwell exit you will see currently utilized and active farmlands but also tons of acres that are unused and dry. According to Rachel Spacek with The Idaho StatesmanCaldwell Mayor Garret Nancolas and his staff are focused on a 20 year plan to transform the area. The City Council is considering an 895-acre district near Farmway Road.

Rather than another housing development they Caldwell leaders are more focused on keeping agriculture a focus in the area. Caldwell is looking to attract industrial businesses and food processing businesses. They also want to cater to the locals by adding stores, restaurants and retail. The Treasure Valley is booming and this would be a great to influx of income for the city of Caldwell in multiple ways. There are very mixed feelings on the possible plans from other city officials and Caldwell residents.

Two years ago, Canyon County commissioners turned down a plan to turn the area into a business-employment mecca. Now, with a new county commissioner on the board, and it being Mayor Nancolas last few months in office, they are hoping it goes through.

Chances are if you live in the area you have visited or at least heard about Caldwell's Indian Creek Plaza. A fun active area full of events, live music, a farmers market, shops, restaurants and more. Another very successful spot in Caldwell is the Sky Ranch Business Park. Both highly successful areas to the community. Looking at the successes of those areas will help plan for future developments.

For approval of any development in the area plans have quite a process before it is a go. The City Council will not approve a plan for the area until the Urban Renewal Agency Board, the city Planning and Zoning Commission and the county commissioners weigh in. For more information on the project and on potential tax issues, see the Idaho Statesman's write up on the project.

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