State Republicans are literally on the run from Democratic Governor Kate Brown and her allies in the Oregon Senate.  Brown has ordered the Oregon State Police to find on the loose Republican Senators and haul them back to the capitol.The Oregonian reports the Republicans are on the run because they oppose a climate bill in the Senate. Without the Republicans, the Senate doesn't have enough people to  operate correctly.  The Democrats want to pass a new Carbon Bill, and the Republicans oppose it.

The details of the bill involve putting a cap on greenhouse emissions and auctioning off allowances for tonnage over the limit, reports the Associated Press.  Republicans believe this will continue the divide between the conservative rural and the liberal city parts of the Emerald State.  Emission would be lowered> Taxes would be raised on fuel causing truckers to express their disagreement with the bill earlier this week..

This morning Senate Democratic Leadership noticed that the senate GOP had no showed and then asked Governor Brown to send the State Police to apprehend them.  The governor shared her thoughts in a public statement.

“After many hours of well-intentioned, respectful negotiations on Wednesday, the Senate has come to an impasse. The Senate Republicans have decided to abandon their duty to serve their constituents and walk out. The Senate Democrats have requested the assistance of the Oregon State Police to bring back their colleagues to finish the work they committed to push forward for Oregonians. As the executive of the agency, I am authorizing the State Police to fulfill the Senate Democrats’ request. It is absolutely unacceptable that the Senate Republicans would turn their back on their constituents who they are honor-bound to represent here in this building. They need to return and do the jobs they were elected to do.”

Many Oregon Republicans are believed to be hiding in Idaho.  They can be fined up to 500 dollars a day for everyday they miss in the session.  The Oregon Legislative session is scheduled to be in session until the end of June.



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