A few weeks ago, we had a chance to visit the nation's capital for the 'Hold Their Feet to the Fire' rally concerning immigration and refugees.  In addition to the conference, we had a chance to visit a few historical sites.  Check out the photos and videos here.  We began our tour of Washington DC by getting an inside look at how the press covers the president.  Check out the photos of our behind the scenes look at the White House Briefing Room here.  We follow up the photos with a video explanation complete with White House Press Secretary Josh Ernest conducting a press briefing here.

The museum of American History was our next stop from Washington DC.  Check out the photos of early computers to a Tucker Car here, here, and here.  You don't have to travel over two thousand miles to see the videos here and here.  The museum is an inspiration to the history of our great nation from colonial days to the roots of hip hop.

Over fifty talk show hosts from across the country gathered in DC to raise awareness about illegal immigration and the refugee crisis.  They spoke with experts and victims who warned against the continuation of our current immigration policy.  Check out the photos here.   If you'd like to see photos from our trip last year, you can click the link here.  Just scroll down and pick your favorite monument.