With the general election less than four weeks away, Idaho's Democratic Nominee fails to deliver a worthy challenge to Republican Lieutenant Governor Brad Little.

Recently Idaho Public Television hosted a debate between Jordan and Little. Most folks found Brad Little extraordinarily credible and Paulette Jordan big on promises without specifics to deliver. The evening started with Cynthia Sewell from the Idaho Statesman asking Jordan repeatedly about the inner workings of her campaign.

Most folks would think that her question might not be relevant or too inside. Jordan's answer or nonanswer told us more about her leadership style than if she had bothered to come clean. Jordan went on and on and said absolutely nothing. Why would she not disclose why her campaign folks registered in Wyoming and not Idaho?

Which leads me to the more significant question; what do we know about Jordan's background? Surprisingly Jordan hasn't been asked by anyone on the trail as to how she would deliver on her progressive promises with an all-Republican Senate and House?

Was she quick to attack Little on funding for education? What experience does the soon to be former state representative have that would be superior to the lieutenant governor? Her public comments focused on the debatable issue of Idaho ranking 50th in education.

So what is Jordan running? Perhaps this is a dress rehearsal for her next run in four years. Idaho Democrats do not have a deep bench, so maybe we'll see her again. A lot can happen in four years. Let's hope whoever runs has more plans than platitudes.

You can watch the entire debate here courtesy of Idaho Public Television.

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