You can buy almost anything on eBay. Ancient Spider-Man breakfast cereal? Absolutely. Vintage Michael Jordan Space Jam action figures? How many you want? An original 1985 poster to the cinema classic GymkataObviously..

There is also a thriving eBay marketplace for movie props. During one of my occasional deep dives into an eBay rabbit hole, I became fascinated by the screen-used props that people are willing to pay hundreds and even thousands of dollars for. Sometimes, it’s easy to understand why; it’s a key object from a beloved movie. Other times ... it is not.

Nonetheless, these items are prevalent and popular. Below are 20 props that recently sold on eBay for top dollar. They range from the extremely cool to the profoundly weird. They are reminder that there is someone out there who loves basically every movie on Earth. And they would pay a lot money to own a small piece of that thing they love.

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