In some breaking news this morning, we're learning that Air Force One will be landing right here in the Treasure Valley--President Joe Biden onboard.

It has been a while since a United States President visited the Treasure Valley--while on the campaign trail, Vice President Mike Pence came by the City of Boise. Trump came by Boise--but not the president--it was his son, Don Jr.

Although many begged for a visit from Donald Trump, like KIDO Talk Radio's Kevin Miller, HERE: President Trump Please Visit Idaho --it never happened.

Apparently, it's Joe Biden that will be touching down--next week, right here in Boise. 

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Years ago--and if you're a local you may recall this, President George W. Bush came to the Ford Idaho Center. While President Bush was here, he called out then Mayor Tom Dale of Nampa to "fix those potholes" because the ride in from the Boise Airport was rather bumpy. 

So what is President Joe Biden doing here in Boise? It actually has nothing to do with our rising COVID-19 numbers.

In an effort to evaluate and survey the wildfire damage across the West, Joe Biden will be holding meetings and visiting the National Interagency Fire Center right here in Boise. The fire facility is huge and is a major hub for the West. This will all be happening on Monday, September 13th.

According to the Idaho Statesman, wildfire costs have already surpassed $50 million in Idaho--as for last month. 

Biden is expected to talk about the impact of climate change and the effect that extreme weather can have on an economy.

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