It's time for President Donald Trump to visit Idaho.  This week he energized a massive crowd in Minnesota.  Here's why we need to work until nonstop till the president visits the Treasure Valley.The people in America love President Trump.  Have you seen the reaction to his speeches across the country?  Few states rival ours when it comes to a Republican to a Republican majority.
If the president can rock a liberal state like the Gopher State, imagine the impact a presidential speech would have in the 'reddest of the red?'
Remember former President Obama visited the Treasure Valley, once as a candidate and then as the president. Both visits were inside the campus of Boise State.
Why not invite the president to give a speech on the Blue of Boise State? Albertsons Stadium is the perfect venue for the expected crowd. President Trump's comments along with conservative supporters cheering him on would be an emotional shot in the arm for conservatives across the country.
What do you think? Will you join us? Please let me know your thoughts:

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