Preston Sharp, the young man recently honored by President Donald Trump at the State of the Union, is coming to Idaho.  He's looking for Idahoans to help him honor our veterans.  The twelve year old from Redding California has captured the attention of the nation with his efforts to honor the fallen.  Here is Steve Hartman of CBS News reporting on Preston's efforts.

Preston would like you to take part in his flag and flower challenge.  Here is what he's doing from his web site 

Preston has organized the placement of more than 40,000 flags and red carnations on veterans headstones.  He has accomplished this with the assistance of many in the community who come out to meet him and to clean headstones, replace weathered flags and flowers and say "Thank You" to those that have provided their services to our country. If you come out and help Preston Sharp you have to say the veterans name out load and then thank you for your service, place the flag and a fake red carnation. He says that you have to say the veterans name out load because a veterans name not said out loud is a veteran forgotten. Preston does not just honor the fallen veterans. He goes to the local veterans home and listens to their stories. Takes veterans out to lunch or dinner.  Preston even told his mom that his Christmas wish was not to get the laptop that he had been asking for but to adopt a veteran's dog so that the veteran could still see the dog whenever he wanted. The veteran had to live in a veterans home with no dogs allowed. 

Preston is coming to Idaho February 17th.  He'd like you to join him at Dry Creek Cemetery which is located on 9600 Hill Road Boise, Idaho.  You're encouraged to arrive by 830am at the cemetery office.

At 9am, the event will being with speeches by cemetery coordinator David Fisher and Preston.  The Color Guard will play Taps and everyone will be divided into 20 groups to place flowers and flags on the over 3,031 headstones.

Everyone is invited to Joe's Crab Shack afterwards at 2pm.  For more information you  can email Tammy or go to Preston's web site.


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