As was reported yesterday, the Big 10 Conference has decided to start their season next month.  We're now hearing reports that the Pac-12 could start their season in six weeks and possibly the Mountain West Conference.  That would leave only the Mid American Conference as the only conference on the FBS level that chose not to play football this Fall.  College Football fans are excited with the exception of Christine Brennan from USA Today.  She writes that the conferences decision to begin play is its darkest day.  I guess she forgot about Larry Nassar at Michigan State and Jerry Sandusky at Penn State.  Regardless, she makes a great point about all the money that is being spent to test athletes while ordinary school kids fend for themselves.

What you won't read in the sports media, is that most conferences and universities cannot function without the ultra revenue producer that is college football.  Boise State says they'll lose 30 million dollars with a season.  Multiply that by several timers to get an example of the losses at the Power 5 Schools.  The athletic supporters in the sports media will say let the kids play.  If the kids want to play, then we should let them.

However, we're not fooled the media's complicity.  This isn't about the kids or higher education.  It's about saving a lucrative tax payer funded system that relies on kickbacks and unpaid employees taking all the risk with no reward.

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