The Super Bowl has always been one of my favorite days of the year – but not because I actually care about football. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love watching football… but on the Super Bowl?! It takes the back seat.


The delicious food, hilarious commercials, interactive games, trash talking and the rowdy atmosphere is what makes it top tier – the actual football part is just an added bonus.

However, I swear that every single year WITHOUT FAIL, someone shows up to the party and attempts to ruin the whole dang thing, whether they realize it or not. 


We all know this guy, because he provides hilarious stories and anecdotes for the rest of the entire year. But not because we’re actually entertained – in fact, we want to strangle him at the time that it’s happening. 

But the hilarious stories are more of the – this was so terrible and now we can laugh at it after the fact – type of funny, when you’re not sure if you’re laughing or crying.


Any who, if you are this person, just know that we lowkey hate you. 

And if you’re unsure if you’re this person, keep reading for some tips & tricks on how to NOT be *that* guy.

The Super Bowl is All Fun & Games... Until *THIS* Guy Shows Up

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