Congressman Raul Labrador revealed his plan for the Idaho Economy as part of his gubernatorial campaign.  Here are the specifics.  As part of his Conservative Vision for Idaho, Congressman Labrador's plan would eliminate the unpopular grocery tax.  Taxes rates would be cut to 5% on income, businesses, and sales.  It would include a reforms on corporate welfare, streamlines growth for private business, and seek to reduce Idaho's reliance on Federal Money.

Congressman Labrador explains, how his plan is different from the other Republican Candidates in the field.  "“Unlike my opponents, I oppose economic policies that pick winners and losers, and I do not believe in increasing taxes and lining the pockets of private businesses and developers with public subsidies,” he added.  “My plan levels the playing field for all Idahoans.”

Congressman Labrador will appear on KIDO Talk Radio tomorrow morning with Kevin Miller at 8am.

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