President Donald Trump has released the much talked about House Intelligence Committee Memo.  Despite the pleas from congressional democrats and other political operatives, we now know what the House Intelligence Committee concluded about the allegations against the president.  You can read the entire memo here and decide for yourself.  The reason why this is so important is the origin of the Russian Investigation.  The FBI had to get permission from a special court called FISA, to begin the investigation which led to the special prosecutor.  If the original sources were not credible, the entire investigation would be discredited.

The memo states that material and relevant information was omitted, reports Fox News.  Former FBI Director James Comey smacked the House Committee charging that the memo was dishonest and misleading says The Hill.

The fallout from this release could rock Washington DC with the possibility of the Rod Rosenstein the Assistant Attorney General and Special Counsel Robert Mueller being fired.  Catch the latest on this story with Kevin Miller Mornings, Sean Hannity, and Lars Larson.

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