According to a new national report, Idaho teachers are not required to inform parents of students transitioning from one gender to another. The policy that is in effect in some Idaho schools actually requires Idaho educators not to notify the parent if a student comes to school and identifies as a different gender. If a teacher does contact a parent, they could face disciplinary actions, including losing their job.

As we've learned from our coverage of the current situation in Caldwell involving policy 3281, these woke directives are in school systems across the state. 

The Caldwell School District will have another meeting on this proposal. If the school board listens to the parents, they will not adopt this policy. However, as we learn from this report from Fox News, woke is everywhere in Idaho. 

A Inside Look At the Caldwell School Controversy

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Before we get to the report from Fox News, here is a breakdown of the policy that has been implemented in some of Idaho's school districts from the Idaho Statesman. 

Allow students to use bathrooms and locker rooms aligning with their gender identity. 

Protect students from being denied participation in overnight trips due to their sexual orientation. 

Require staff to use a student's preferred name and pronouns. 

Protect students' privacy in regard to personal information, such as sexual orientation and legal name. 

Protect the rights of same-sex couples to attend school activities, including dances, and prohibit general discrimination against those couples.

Fox News reports that several school districts in Idaho have adopted these policies from the Idaho School Boards Association. Idaho Attorney General Raul Labrador has publicly questioned the association's direction. 

Which Idaho School Districts Have Adopted The Woke?

Fox News: Policies adopted on "Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation" in the Buhl, Challis, Marsh Valley, Middleton, and Wilder school districts say an employee could be demoted or even fired for violating a student’s confidentiality on LGBTQ issues.

Parents across the state are concerned that they are not being informed about what is happening in their neighborhood schools.

Debbie Critchfield, Idaho's Superintendent of Public Instruction sent a letter to law makers concerning this topic. She wrote that the policies are not implemented Idaho schools could lose federal money from Joe Biden. She offered no opinion on whether or not she agrees with the policy.


We'll continue to update you on this story as it develops. 

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