Idaho's governor's race just took another Sunday as President Donald Trump's former political adviser Roger Stone endorsed Ammon Bundy for governor in a YouTube Video.

Bundy is running against the incumbent governor, Brad Little, who has yet to declare but raises money. Lieutenant Governor Janice McGeachin has recently been the subject of national and local media stories. Ed Humphreys, the thirty-something Eagle Conservative. If you're keeping score at home, they're all Republicans.  

Mr. Bundy welcomed Mr. Stone to his campaign in a release below.


Stone said in the YouTube video that he's not the type of person to tell others how to vote. He continued, "but when it comes to Idaho, I like Ammon Bundy. You see, Ammon Bundy is not the wild-eyed radical that the fake news media tries to brand him as.

But he is a constitution-loving Conservative, a family man, and a Christian. And he can provide the tough new leadership that Idaho needs to protect our personal freedoms. That's why I'm supporting Ammon Bundy for governor."

The story is very early, so there's no word on whether or not Roger Stone will be consulting the Bundy Campaign or appearing in the state to campaign with Ammon Bundy. Stone is a political institution going back to his days in the Nixon White House. Stone has been the subject of federal indictments and was pardoned by President Trump before leaving office.  

Stone is the subject of a very popular Netflix Documentary, 'Get Me Roger Stone.' His addition to the Idaho campaign will draw national interest to see who wins the May Primary. Mr. Bundy has continued to tour the state, holding town hall meetings.  

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