What would the greatest president in our lifetime think of all the negative ads that are currently running in this year's primary?  Ronald Reagan was a man who wasn't born a Republican.  However, once he became one, he realized the value of the 'big tent.'  In other words, the party could be made up of several folks, who could disagree on some issues, but could come together for the good of the party.

His famous 11th Commandment is unfortunately being ignored during our contentious primary season.  Woudn't it be nice if all the candidates followed President Reagan's example by 'not speaking ill of fellow Republicans?'

Unfortunately, whether your running for governor, lieutenant governor or congress, negative ads are in place.  Most Idahoans want to hear what their candidates have to offer, not how bad the opponent is on an issue.

President Reagan understood that the Republican electorate didn't respond to attack ads.  It had the reverse effect in his runs for office.  We'll find out May 15th if the 11th Commandment still is relevant in 2018.

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