The titan of talk radio Rush Limbaugh has died at the age of 70 today. Rush was fighting lung cancer to the very end of his life. Last year, Rush announced on the air that he had terminal lung cancer. In December, he thanked his incredible audience for believing in him.

Former President Donald Trump told Fox News that he spoke to Rush fur days ago. "He would tell me how great his wife Katherine.. he was very brave,, he was a fighter." He would just talk and not take phone calls. He was a fantastic man, a fantastic talent; whether they loved him or not, they respected that man. He was a legend. His fans wouldn't miss him.

Last year, President Trump gave Rush Limbaugh the Presidential Medal of Freedom Award. The former president said half the room applauded, and the other half was angry. Rush Limbaugh was a man who was so successful that he's rightly credited with saving AM radio. Before Rush, AM stations were homes for brokered programs and low ratings.

Rush started as a local host at KFBK Radio in Sacramento, California. His record ratings caught the attention of entrepreneurs who convinced him to go national in 1988. The show grew to 600 stations and had over 20 million listeners. At one time, Clear Channel Radio branded entire radio stations across the country as 'Rush Radio.'

Here is an entire profile of Rush Limbaugh that covered his whole years in the public eye. There would be no talk radio without Rush Limbaugh. God Bless and Rest in Peace, Rush.

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