Sharknado is back, Boehner punts on the border, Risch smacks Iran and those are just a few of the trending stories in today's Kevin Miller Hotlist.

A local rodeo queen is charged with embezzlement.  Her lawyer says she's innocent.  Here are the troubling details from the Idaho Statesman.

Senator Risch steps up the pressure on the Senate when it comes to Iran.  Risch wants to cut the terror state's aid until Pastor Saeed is released from Channel 7.

Forget the classic movies of all time, it's time for Sharknado 2.  The sequel to the Twitter is back and buzzing.  Is it good?  The review courtesy of the LA Times.

How did Hamas build such an elaborate network of tunnels without Israel's intelligence discovering it?  The Hamas missile count has been cut in half and the tunnel's days are numbered from our friend Bill Gertz in today's Washington Times.

The illegals are living large in Texas.  Forget the dingy military bases, it's nothing but first class hotel suites complete with flat screen TVs say KRVG.

Newly released IRS emails show Lois Lerner did not like conservatives.  In fact, she had some very 'special' and profane names reveals Politico.

A group of Fresno California Black leaders are urging officials not to hire a teacher because he is white.  Can't we all just get along?  The disturbing details from the Daily Caller.

The border bill is dead.  The border bill is back.  John Boehner vows to save the border bill before the month long congressional recess.  Do you get an August recess at your work?  Anyway, here's the latest attempt courtesy of Breitbart.

A group says that they want more transparency at the Canyon County Animal Shelter.  They allege that things have declined since new management took over and fired many dedicated staff members.  Volunteers are leaving and that's just the beginning says the Idaho Press Tribune.

College Football Season is less than a month away and we have the first preseason poll from USA Today.