We've all been horrified by the images of property,businesses, and homes being destroyed by looters during the Summer and Fall.  One state is fighting back with a new law that will empower business owners to protect their property by possibly using lethal force.  Is it Idaho?  No, the state that is considering this new law is the sunshine state of Florida, reports the New York Post.  The bill would allow the shooting of looters and others who are disruptive.   Reports further say that if you block traffic in a protest, you could be run over by someone if they're fearing for their lives.

The drivers would not be prosecuted by the police or the courts if the new law is approved.  The Miami Herald in an editorial condems the law proposed Gov. Ron DeSantis who calls the bill the "anti-mob" bill.

The stated right will expand the Stand Your Ground laws. Lengthening the list of forcible felonies which could be met with deadly force. Additions include criminal mischief interrupting or impairing a business. Looting is described as burglary with in 500 feet of a 'violent or disorderly assembly.' Blocking traffic would also become a third-degree felony and no driver could be prosecuted if they accidently kill or injure anyone doing so illegally.   The Herald says that Florida didn't have the same rioting issues that other states did and that the law is unnecessary.  They further criticize the governor for pandering to the more conservative voting block of the state.


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