Remember the days of analog America?  The world of DVDs, VHS Tapes, and rotary phones are now items in a history book.  Years ago, people paid for items in cash.  Then the credit card was created and everyone had to have one.  Now Apple has created a credit card that you use on your phone calling it Apple Credit.  The company that can do no wrong, according to some, has promised to reinvent how Americans operate their credit.  However, according to multiple world wide reports, the  Apple Card is being investigated.  Some of these charges are very disturbing to potential users.

An investigation over the algorithms for Apple's new credit card has been opened and was prompted by claims of gender bias. Tech entrepreneur, David Heinemeier Hansson said Apple's card gave him 20 times the credit limit than his wife received.

The bias concerns have caught the attention of Apple co founder Steve Wozniak.  Mr. Wozniak took to Twitter to express his concerns over this issue.  His comments caught the attention of gizmodo.   Apparently the difference in credit limits favored David despite his wife having a better credit score than him and the couple filing jointly. Officials say the investigation is to ensure every Apple credit card user is treated equally regardless of sex, what do you expect them to find?  Have you experienced something similar?

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