It seems that everyone is going Vegan.  Have you noticed that more of your friends have decided to go Vegan?  The Vegan section in supermarkets continue to expand their selection of Vegan foods.  Now a major fast food chain is going Vegan, or is it?Vegetarians are not happy with  Burger King's new Impossible Whopper.   Burger King's new Impossible Whopper may seem like a great option for vegetarians to enjoy a meatless burger, but that might not completely be the case.

The King may not be guilty of false advertising, Vegetarian purist have an issue with how the new Whopper is cooked and prepared.  While the patty is made entirely of plant products, it's grilled on the same broiler that gives the fast-food chain's food its signature flavor, the company acknowledged.

This did not make the Vegan Community happy.  They were already upset, says TODAY, as the burger came topped with mayo. But now many vegetarians are calling BK out on Twitter for the cooking method.  Does this discloser impact your view on whether or not you would try a Vegan Burger that is prepared like a beef burger on a grill?  The Impossible Whopper goes nationwide on Thursday. As a vegetarian or vegan, how do you feel knowing your food may have come in contact with meat?  Or do you believe that the Vegans need to get a life?


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