I don't know how the Supreme Court can say no to the Sister Wives.  They've filed a motion to the nation's highest court seeking to legalize polygamy.  Five years ago we'd think this was a joke.  Today it's real.  The Salt Lake Tribune reports that the cast of Sister Wives was denied a request by the 10th Circuit to hear their case.  The paper reports that no more than one percent of the 7,500 cases appealed annually.

The Brown's attorney, Jonathan Turley, believes that this case revolves around freedom to worship.  Mr. Turley is a great attorney that has appeared on several shows as an expert on law and politics.  However, he and the Browns are wrong.

The Supreme Court has redefined marriage thanks to its ruling on same sex marriage.  They would be wise to pass on this one.  Traditional marriage is tough enough, could you imagine a world with multiple spouses endorsed by the United States Government?

TLC would be wise to get rid of this show.  I don't know how the it stays on television.  I believe this move is more about getting attention and not about the law.  Let's hope the Supreme Court gets the message.


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