Getting into the Halloween spirit can be a blast for some and a real fright for others. It all depends on how you like to celebrate Halloween — you can make it all about having fun or you can make it creepy and scary; Which way do you prefer? Do you lean toward the cheerful festivities like family gatherings and trunk-or-treat events, or do you yearn for ghostly adventures?

There's a real spooky side to Halloween, and maybe you're curious about the haunted spots in Boise but you don't want to visit them in person. If that's you, read on! We're covering the most spooky cemetery in Boise.

There's an article from Cheapism that lists the most spooky graveyards across the country that can give you a good Halloween scare.

In their words, "Why spend money on a haunted house when cemeteries and the paranormal are a perfect match, especially during Halloween? There's a graveyard in every state where people have seen or heard ghosts, or just felt something strange. And the best part? You can usually visit these cemeteries for free."

Which graveyard did they pick for Idaho?

Traci Wagoner | Google Maps
Traci Wagoner | Google Maps

Fort Boise Military Cemetery

Are there creepy stories? Yes. Cheapism says, "In the early 1900s, they had to move over 150 graves because of flooding. That could've stirred up the spirits of soldiers, kids, and even a woman in a black dress. And as late as 1998, they found three more bodies, maybe Civil War soldiers, and had to rebury them."

Read on for 15 of the most haunted places in the Treasure Valley and Your Ultimate Trunk-Or-Treat Guide for the Boise Area in 2023. Happy spooky season!

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