As if there wasn't enough to worry about when it comes to students returning to the classroom, one of the nation's largest teacher's union is concerned for the safety of teachers who are back in the classroom.  The American Federation of Teachers says that 210 union members have died from COVID-19 since schools have opened, reports NBCBoston.   According to the union, its not older teachers that are the only ones who've died due to Covid.  One 34-year-old teacher died in Missouri and s 28-year-old teacher, passed from the virus two days after she tested positive.

New data reveals that over 500,000 U.S. children have tested positive since the pandemic began, with the American Academy of Pediatrics counting children as 9.8% of the country's total case count. The president of the teachers union told CBS News that schools need to reopen safely, with mask requirements and strict social distancing guidelines, adding "If you don't have the safeguards against the viruses in the schools, we believe you can not reopen in person."

Although schools in the Treasure Valley have started the year online, we expect that to change within the upcoming weeks.  West Ada schools announced that they will be moving to a 'hybrid model' very soon.  A hybrid model combines the classroom learning with learning from home through platforms.  The school district is under fire for its failure to adequately execute online learning during the first day of the school year.

Has your child returned to in-person classes?  Have there been reports of COVID infections within their school?

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