Idaho sees its fair share of celebrities passing through. The Gem State is known for attracting Hollywood elites thanks to its glistening northern lakes and luxurious ski resorts. However, you may remember reality tv star Gordon Ramsay visiting Idaho almost 10 years ago. He happened to be here for all of the WRONG reasons.

In 2012, Gordon Ramsey came to check out the Roosevelt Inn Bed and Breakfast located in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho for an episode of Hotel Hell. Similar to his Hell's Kitchen cooking show, Ramsey exhibits tough love (like really tough) to the show's participants - in this case, struggling hotel owners who are struggling to stay afloat with their businesses.

The Roosevelt Inn was owned and operated by Tina and John Hough for nearly 20 years until they decided to sell the property this year and move to Texas. Before being converted into a bed & breakfast in the 90s, The Roosevelt served as Coeur d’Alene’s oldest remaining schoolhouse (1905-1972). It's also where John attended first through fourth grade! It still stands today as 5 story bed and breakfast complete with 14 rooms and suites.

Since Ramsay's visit and revamp almost a decade ago, reviews prove that the Roosevelt Inn has been thriving. However, It was truly "hotel hell" prior to Ramsay's stay. His first impression of the exterior was telling after he compared it to a funeral parlor. He also had a few choice words towards the food that was served. Since then though, guests have loved everything The Roosevelt has to offer.

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