More Americans are hitting the road, according to our friends at AAA Idaho. Whether it's the vacation season or because states are opening up, fuel demand recently hit its highest level since March. So do more drivers on the road, mean higher gas prices?  Not so says AAA, the national average went up by just two cents to $2.20 per gallon, while Idaho gas prices have held at $2.35 since the beginning of July.

Gas prices are still historically low compared to recent years.  Although, prices have risen recently, folks are using their cars to get to their favorite vacation spots.  Here is a comparison of gas prices.  Today, the U.S. average price is $2.20, which is ten cents more than a month ago, but 59 cents less than a year ago.  Meanwhile, Idaho’s current price is $2.35, a nickel more expensive than a month ago and 60 cents cheaper than a year ago.

Here's a look at prices statewide thanks to a AAA press release:

Boise - $2.39

Coeur d’Alene - $2.26

Franklin - $2.28

Idaho Falls - $2.24

Lewiston - $2.44

Pocatello - $2.28

Twin Falls - $2.27

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