Governor Brad Little continues to guild Idaho through historic challenges.  The governor has taken his share of criticism from a variety of critics in the Gem State.  

Political opponents have called him Hitler and other names to get the legislators involved in the process of governing the state through the COVID Crisis. Governor Little has not faced lawsuits questioning his leadership powers, as we've seen from governors in other states. He has successfully deescalated situations that could've caused gotten out of hand as we've seen across the country. The president and vice president have gone on record praising Little's leadership in Idaho.
The governor's leadership has not gone without vocal critics. This week a group of legislators and a few advocacy groups attempted to call a special session of the legislature to limit the governor's powers. Despite their best efforts, only fifteen legislators convened in Boise. The numbers were disappointing considering the traffic on Talk Radio and social media critical of Governor Little.
The unintended consequences of the failed session only strengthen the governor's hand. Although Idahoans, bar owners, unemployed folks, are not happy, there doesn't appear to be organized opposition to the governor's leadership.

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