June marks the official start of Summer. Some say Summer begins on June 1st, and others say it officially begins on June 21st, but either way, it’s officially summertime now and you know what that means...

More ice cream!

I don’t know what happens to me but the second we hit these 80° and 90° days... I can’t help but want ice cream basically all the time. If you’re like me, keep scrolling for Idaho’s “most popular ice cream flavor” and the coolest places in the Boise Area to go get some ice cream.

So, just last Summer, Travel & Leisure conducted a survey to find the most popular ice cream flavors in each state, and according to their results... Idaho’s favorite ice cream flavor is GREEAN TEA.

I am incredibly disappointed. Who were the Idahoans who participated in this survey?!

Gordon Ramsay Fox GIF By MasterChef Junior

I mean seriously, every other state chose Chocolate Chip or something normal like Moose Tracks or Rocky Road etc. But Green Tea, really?

Travel & Leisure said, “In general, Americans tend to prefer chocolate ice cream — 24 states picked a flavor with chocolate as the base as their favorite. But not every state followed the trend: Buyers in Hawaii stuck with tropical flavors, picking mango ice cream above most else, while those in the Tristate area of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut all chose pistachio.”

And... Idaho chose green tea... (apparently, haha I kinda don’t believe that!)

Keep scrolling for the coolest places in the Boise Area to go get some ice cream 👇

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