Credit: Nathan Dumlao via Unsplash
Credit: Nathan Dumlao via Unsplash

This Alot article did a deep dive, researching the worst university in each state and why. From A to Z, a university from each state was selected as the worst university based on many factors such as graduation rates, happiness levels, crime rates, professor rankings, housing, and much more.

So... what university was rated the worst in Idaho?

Lewis-Clark State College.

About Lewis-Clark State College

Lewis-Clark State College was founded almost 130 years ago. It has an annual enrollment of about 3,600 students and offers more than 130 degrees. It is most known for its social work, criminal justice, education, nursing, and technical programs and a 100% acceptance rate according to this article on Wikipedia.

So why ranked worst in Idaho, you ask?

Well, even though the tuition is very cheap (students usually end up with approximately $20,000 in student loans) it's more about the graduation rates.

Lewis-Clark State College sees a low 28% graduation rate, with only 11% of its students graduating on time.

The average earnings of a graduate are $34,600 and 12.8% of graduates default on their student loans.

But hey, on the bright said there are still good things about Lewis-Clark! One is that 68% of the professors are full-time, and students claim they love teaching.

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