It's become the new regular—long check-out lines at the grocery store or any store. We've become accustomed to dueling signs at local businesses. Help Wanted to be followed by 'sorry for the delay; please be patient with our staff, we can't hire people who want to work.' It pays in Idaho and across the country in Joe Biden's America not to work. What started as an act of compassion under the Trump Administration has taken a sharp turn towards Socialism under no work, Joe.

A joke that now is a reality

Remember how we all laughed at presidential candidate Andrew Yang's guaranteed income proposal? It would pay any American 12,000 a year. That idea doesn't seem so funny anymore. Although who will pay for all the free money? You don't have to be Dave Ramsey to understand that paying people not to work is not a good idea.

Why work when you can stay home and Netflix? What are the numbers, and how do they impact Idaho businesses? A local Idaho business person broke down how the lack of willing labor impacts their ability to serve customers.

Inside the numbers

State of Idaho maximum weekly benefit: $448.00/week
Federal Stimulus: $300.00/week
Total: $748.00/week
Divided by 40 hours equals: $18.75/Hour
Stimulus tax credit: $10,200.00/yr

This means someone on unemployment is getting $18.75/hr. Tax-free! I wonder why I can't get employees?

I advertise at $17.00/hour and have a tough time finding people. Go figure.
I have increased my starting wage from $12.00/hour 2 years ago to $17.00. I would like to thank Joe for his "put people back to work" program.

Phil Kerpen of American Commitment told us, "you have to have a functioning labor market. We've got to get rid of additions or at the very least let them expire in September."

Idaho needs to be next

South Carolina and Montana have told the federal government that they will not continue the additional benefits, says CBS News. Props to those two Republican governors who've said no to the pork while getting their states back to work. It's time for Governor Brad Little to do the same and get Idaho back to work.

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