The country is engaged in a series of riots that we haven't seen in this country since the 1960s.  The protestors during that time wanted the end of the Vietnam War and the passage of Civil Rights Legislation.  Today's protests are very different from what we saw last century.  White House Officials say it's Antifa.  The mayor of Washington DC and other mayors say the riots were caused by a majority of outside agitators.  The reason people took to the streets was to protest the death of George Floyd while being arrested in Minnesota.

However, common sense tells us that looting, destroying police property and other incidents, do not further the memory of Mr. Floyd.  Anarchists and criminals have used this as an opportunity to deconstruct America.  Their first target is our great men and women of law enforcement.  Without law enforcement, anarchy rules.

Go read the Federalist Papers.  Our Founding Fathers feared mob rule.  We are seeing mob rule across the country.  Those officers who have and will be charged are innocent  till proven guilty.  That is our American system of justice.  Without due process, our country is lost.

When the Whiskey Rebellion took place, our fledgling federal government understood that we needed a stronger system of governance.  The Articles of Confederation were out and the Constitution was in.  The Constitution and the rule of law have served us for over 200 years.  We must honor those that serve (police and others) and punish those who abuse our laws.

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