Honestly, the housing market in Boise right now (and most Idaho really) has become crazily unaffordable.


But don’t worry, we’ve made a list of the Top 5 atypical but affordable housing ideas.


#5: TeePee House

Explore Idaho's Teepee House in Cascade

Idaho has so many unique homes thanks to its unique residents. Did you know there was a teepee house in Cascade Idaho? It is considered a tiny home with only 826 square feet. This cozy cone shaped home makes quite a statement in Cascade. Thanks to realtor.com we got to see photos of the inside.


#4: Tiny Homes

Are Tiny Homes Our Best Option for Affordable Housing in Boise?

With Idaho's housing market being among the worst in America, it begs the question: what are our options for affordable housing?


#3: Tree Houses

Five Treehouse Rentals Available in Idaho Year-round


#2: Flipping an Older House

This Fixer-Upper Is The Cheapest House You'll Find In Kuna Today


#1: 3D Printed Houses

3D Printed Houses - What You Need to Know


Huckleberry Tiny House On Wheels

Check out photos of this tiny house on wheels built by a company right here in Boise... So cool!

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