We're less than a month away from Idaho's historic May 15th primary. It's hard to fathom that through the deluge of radio, TV, direct mail, social, and every other form of advertising that two issues are missing from the conversation.

In fact, the Wall Street Journal devoted an article to one of the problems that are nonpartisan. It's an issue that negatively impacts Idahoans every day: traffic. If politicians want to work for us, then let them solve the growing problem of affordable housing and lack of planning for the massive amount of people moving to the Gem State.

Idaho is the fastest growing state in the country due to its beauty and quality of life. Those benefits are diminishing because fields are replacing subdivisions.

The other challenge for Idahoans is the cost of gasoline. We are a victim of having only one pipeline, Salt Lake, that supplies us with gas. The level of working-class folks who love this state but hate fuels costs continues to rise.

Our politicians in Boise tell us, 'that's just the way it is.' Let's not be limited by the small-mindedness of the past and demand our candidates come up with real solutions for real problems.

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