While it's not the first business of its kind in Idaho, the concept will be the very first one to open in the Treasure Valley! 

If you happen to get off the freeway at Fairview or Karcher, you may have noticed some brightly colored billboards proudly displaying the words "Boise Selfie Museum." You've never heard of a selfie museum before and now you have questions. The first being "What the heck is a selfie museum?!"

What is a Selfie Museum?

A selfie museum is essentially a photo studio where you can come in with your own smartphone or camera and snap hundreds of photos against some incredibly creative backdrops. The museum's curators work hard to create interesting scenes and backgrounds worthy of those you'd see on the account of professional social media influencers. Visitors pay a fee to shoot by the hour.

Selfie museums are easy to sanitize, limit capacity at and are naturally socially distant, the concept boomed during the pandemic. They've proved to be an amazingly fun experience leading to memories that will last a lifetime and now Boise is getting one of its very own!

Where is Boise's Selfie Museum?

The Boise Selfie Museum will be located at 928 W Main Street - Suite 928, in Downtown Boise and their grand opening is set for Friday, April 8!

It's being brought to life by Rachel Danner, a Boise native and mom of twin girls. Via the Boise Selfie Museum Instagram account, Danner reveals that there will be 16 different art installments for guests to use. They'll be changed out seasonally to keep things fresh and timely.

Tickets for the museum are $30 for an hour-long session. They also offer the ability to rent the entire museum outside of regular businesses hours for groups as large as 40. Professional photographers can also ask about a monthly subscription service they can use to shoot with their clients.

We're excited to see this concept FINALLY get off the ground in Boise. Back in September, we shared the news that another selfie museum in the Treasure Valley was in the world. It would've been a locally owned and operated Selfie WRLD franchise. From what we've been told, it's still in the works but securing a location for it has been difficult in the current commercial real estate landscape in Boise.

Idaho's FIRST selfie museum opened last December. You'll find PIX in Idaho Falls.

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