Tuesday was day 2 of the Unity Walk in the Treasure Valley.  Are journey took us from the Capitol Building in Boise to Cloverdale Road.  Here's what I learned and continued to learn from my tour of the Treasure Valley.  Little gestures can make a big difference.  The media continues to focus on the negative.  Some politicians want to defund the police.  Their message of negativity can be overwhelming.

Jacalyn Hill / KIDO Talk Radio

If you can't join us for our daily walks, why not start your own Unity Walk?  Take a walk around the block and if you see someone, why not say hello?  Or invite them along for a brief or long walk.  When's the last time we've turned off the negativity and had a conversation with our neighbors?  It seems that everyone wants to be heard, but few people will listen.  Let's start a movement!  I look forward to hearing from you as I begin day 3 of the Unity Walk on Thursday.  I'll be starting at Cloverdale and Fairview at 11am.  God Bless.

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