The internet is wild these days and we all go down the “rabbit hole” now and then. This time it’s a mystery on wheels that is puzzling the subreddit r/Boise. A user who has requested to remain anonymous posted this photo below soliciting answers as to what this truck is for or what its purpose is.

At first glance, it looks like a typical delivery truck for a private company. Upon searches on the web, however, nothing would come up for the van or its mysterious slogan on the side that reads: “We Deliver For Q.”

Credit: Anonymous
Credit: Anonymous

When searching through the comments for answers, all that can be found is several conspiracy theories and guesses as to what the actual purpose of this delivery truck is; no concrete answer. Reddit users also noted that a sticker of the emblem from the superhero “The Punisher” was visible on the delivery truck. After becoming so intrigued and invested in what this all meant, I began searching for answers.

Perhaps, it’s just someone with a delivery truck and they chose to decorate it the way they see fit?

When showing the photo to co-workers, they immediately recognized the area being near or at the Co-op nearby. I hopped into my vehicle and headed that way to see if anyone knew anything about this mysterious truck.

I was positive that I was going to learn that the truck delivers orders to various businesses, right? Once I got into the store, I asked around before coming across an employee who immediately recognized the truck when shown the photo. He didn’t seem to know anything about the truck’s purpose other than seeing it drive around town. I asked if the truck could perhaps just be delivering goods and the employee had no idea. It was at this moment that a customer who overheard our conversation suggested I look around Camel Back Park. She pointed out that she had seen the truck in the area near the park before the employee confirmed he had seen the same.

Once I got to the park, I asked nearby locals if they had seen anything and no one had any answers as to what the purpose of the truck was. Perhaps it’s an up-and-coming mobile business?

I decided to get something to drink at a nearby gas station before trying my luck one more time. It was there that I got to speak with Alexander and Dakota who gave me permission to share what they had heard about the mysterious truck. Alexander pointed out that he too had spotted the truck at Camel Back Park before Dakota chimed in that she had just seen the truck at their gas station a few days prior. Neither of them had encountered the driver and while Alexander has seen the vehicle around several times, he has never seen anyone inside of the vehicle.

“It’s strange… it’s a real mystery.”

Perhaps it’s being used as a marketing tool? Whatever the purpose is, the mystery of Boise’s unidentified delivery truck continues on.

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