It's an odd move considering Utah is one of eight states that haven't issued a mandatory statewide stay at home order. Currently, there is a seven-county 'stay at home' dictate. The paperwork will ask you if you've been tested for COVID-19 and if you're not feeling well.


Regardless of your mode of transportation, you will be required to fill out the travel documents. I know what you're thinking, how in the world can they make me fill out forms if I'm in my car?

Well, according to KUTV, the state will send you a text on your phone, demanding that you fill it out. You'll be directed to a web site where you'll fill out the forms. The state has set up geo-fence checkpoints to ensure compliance.  You can take a look at the form here.
Again, Utah is one of the eight states without a mandatory 'stay at home' order. You don't have to be a staunch civil libertarian to understand that this is a wrong move by the governor. How can the government know if someone is telling the truth? Thankfully in Idaho, unlike Utah, you don't have to ask the government for permission to enter our state.

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