Another national publication has recognized just how special a place the Treasure Valley is to live. Or more specifically the city of Boise. Here's what they discovered.

John Briley, who writes for the Washington Post, spent a considerable amount of time recently in Boise. He shared his thoughts on everything local from beer to architecture in his extensive piece in the Washington Post.

Briley is impressed with seemingly almost everything Boise. From Hyde Park to Goldy's to the Inn at 500. He provides his national audience with sixteen places to visit that left an impression on him.

Here are a few of his insights. Briley goes beyond the usual tour stops for travelers to the city of trees. He recommends some time at the Record Exchange, plus a trip to Hyde Park. Freak Alley gets its moment in the sun along with JUMP.

The traveler writer lets everyone know that he'll be back. Let's face, some of us never leave.

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