President Donald Trump has released the unedited full interview with 60 Minutes that will air this Sunday night. 

You can watch the video right here.

The president's campaign wanted to show the entire interview to the American Public and let them decide if Leslie Stahl from CBS would be fair.  The president does hold CBS and the media accountable for their favoritism towards Democrat Joe Biden.  Stahl appears to be badgering the president throughout the interview.

Published reports say the president walked out of the interview.  You can clearly see from the video above that the time had ended and he decided to move on.  Some would ask, why would President Trump agree an interview if he knew it wouldn't be fair?

The answer is simple:  we're less than two week before the presidential election and everyone is trying to get their message out.  Biden, SenatorKamala Harris and Vice President Mike Pence will be shown on this week's 60 Minutes on CBS Television.  If you've ever wondered how television interviews are done, you'll want to watch the video above.

The president's move to release the video is a brilliant one.  Voters can decide for themselves whether or not he got a fair shake from CBS.  The president is now ahead of the game, while CBS will have to answer to the tone of their reporter.  It may seem like an obscure point, but in a close presidential election, a move like this has the possibility of swinging just enough voters to make a difference for a particular candidate.

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