My son's father works in the Emergency Room and has for years and years. Even before the pandemic struck the Emergency Room was a crazy place to work. The stories and struggles I have herd are unreal. Yet for these often overlooked workforce the drama, the trauma and the stress is all too real. The Emergency Room never has a dull day, never. They have to be ready for anything, everything and every kind of person. I consider myself to be a kind and empathetic person but I could not do this job and I am impressed with those who can.

Today is International Emergency Nurses Day and is celebrated the second Wednesday in October every year. Right in the middle of the wider celebration of Emergency Nurses Week. According to NationalToday, "Emergency Nurses Day celebrations first started in 1989, and it has been observed ever since. It was established by the Emergency Nurses Association and is a part of Emergency Nurses Week. The day recognizes the extraordinary commitment and labor of emergency nursing professionals around the world."

The pandemic has changed the game for nurses around the world and has brought them to the front lines of what some call a 'silent war'. A St Luke's Boise nurse named Sara McDonald recently wrote and shared a poem about what the last couple of years has been like in the hospitals. You can read the poem in its entirety here.

Before, during and after the pandemic nurses deserve our respect and support for everything they do. I for one am very grateful and hope they get to celebrate today.

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