2020 will be a historic year that we will not forget for quite sometime.  We have a presidential election coming up soon.  We have the continued challenge of the Covid Pandemic.  Can it get any bigger?  Welcome to the Amy Coney Barrett Show that is premiering this week live from the United States Senate.  The Senate Judiciary Committee will interview Barrett and, if she passes muster, will move on to the full Senate for a final confirmation vote.  If approved by the entire Senate, she will be the newest justice on the United States Supreme Court.  SC Confirmation Hearings For Amy Coney Barrett Begin Today Confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett are getting underway at the Capitol. Barrett is appearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

The hearings are expected to run through Thursday. The hearings will proceed despite two Republican Judiciary Committee members, Thom Tillis and and Mike Lee, recently testing positive for coronavirus - quite possibly contracting it at Barrett's introduction ceremony at the White House Rose Garden. The hearings will be hotly contested by Democrats, who believe the confirmation should wait until after the November election.

The hearings will allow a platform for Conservatives to support her and Liberals to criticize her.   Judge Barrett is expected to be confirmed because the Republicans have the votes in the Senate.  Pundits across the country are speculating whether Barrett's hearing will echo those of the last Supreme Court Nominee.  Do you expect the Barrett hearings to be as heated as the Brett Kavanaugh hearings were?  Should the process be put on hold until after the election?

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