Look dating is tough, we get it. And even in the more “simple” states such as Idaho, there is still plenty of drama. With the season of love here, we thought it wouldn’t hurt to reach out to our lovely community for their bad online dating stories. 


And boy did you deliver.


But before we get into the HILARIOUS responses we received, let’s take a look at what to expect from dating an Idahoan:


10 Things to Know About Dating an Idahoan

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Dating is complicated and hard to navigate. Especially nowadays with technology, apps, and new social factors. But here are some ways people are still finding each other, even through all the mess:


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With Valentine's Day lurking around the corner, we were curious: where do Boise singles look to meet one another?


Okay, so back to the bad date confessions from you! Or someone you probably know… lol.


Let’s take a look!


What It's Really Like To Date in Idaho


But, if you do get through these bad dates and make it to some good ones, here are some awesome date night ideas that are a little out of the box here in Boise!


Unique Date Night Ideas and Activities in Boise Idaho


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