Today is the time when we should take a moment and thank God for what we have.  This, like a lot of years, has been tough one for many of us.  Let's let the spirit inspire us.      Isn't ironic that we fight the crowds and have wars in the parking lots around the world so we can get that perfect gift?  Christmas is about the birth of Christ as opposed to 50% off the merchandise while it lasts?  Do we really see the gift of giving at the shopping center?  How motivated can one be as we are grabbing our goodies instead of helping the less fortunate?

The real spirit of the season is to give, not get.  That's why I'm inspired by the works of the Durham Rescue Mission, The Boise Rescue Mission, and The Canyon County Animal Shelter.  Buying a play station will not save a life or make the world a better place, but donating to nonprofits can save lives.  I like to say on the air that nonprofit workers are actually walking in the shoes of Christ.  Isn't that the true spirit of Christmas?

Speaking of Christmas, since when has Christmas become offensive?   Isn't this America and don't we have the freedom to speak and practice our religion?  Somewhere someone decided that Happy Holidays is more appropriate.   We need to reverse that practice now.  It starts with you and you do have the power.

Finally, thank you for your support and for listening every morning on 580 KIDO.  We appreciate you everyday and your endless promoting the show.  We'

Kevin Miller

ll do our best to continue to work for you each and every morning.   Please continue to promote the morning show and we'll continue to be here for you.

Merry Christmas,