We pride ourselves that the Treasure Valley is a safe place.  We're blessed that major crimes do not happen here.  Two incidents last weekend seem to have changed that perspective.  Is it time that we arm up in the Valley?  Most of enjoy the peace and tranquility of Treasure Valley Life.  Stories of shootings and armed robberies, seem to be problems that other communities face.  I'm fond of telling friends that a major news story here could involve a bike lane or a new stoplight.  (Editor's Note, this is a tough area to host a talk show because life is so good here!)

Tragically we had two incidents of real crime, both involving the police having to be called to handle armed suspects last week.  Boise Police had engaged in a shootout that cost a man his life and the life of a beloved dog.  Thankfully no officers were hurt or worse doing their duty.

In Meridian, a man armed with a machete threatened staff and patrons of the TCBY.  (You can listen to an eyewitness account of what happen on the podcast below.)  Meridian Police arrived on the scene and handled the criminal who was a repeat offender.  The criminal had to be tracked down in a residential neighborhood near the TCBY.

As we look at these two incidents, what would we do if we're hiking in the foothills or enjoying time with our family when a threat happens.  It takes time for police departments to arrive on the scene.  I couldn't imagine what it was like for the hiker who's dog was shot or those folks in the yogurt shop.

In my opinion, if we truly want to be safe here in Idaho, we have to take responsibility for our own safety and our family's.  The only accurate measure to protect ourselves is to make sure we're armed if there's a need to confront a villain.  No one wants to go unarmed into a gun fight regardless of where we live.

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