The Gem State continues to grow, not only in our region, but across the country as another national publication gives Idaho some love.  Check out the reasons why US News & World Reports recently proclaimed Idaho as the place to live in the United States.

It's all about the internet.  I know tell that to many of us, that suffer due to buffering or lapse in service, that seems to happen too often for us at home.  The state at one time, had one of the worst broadband infrastructures, is now number six nationally for access and fourth for high speed.  More broadband, means more folks can telecommute  or cyber-commute instead of living in more populated areas.

  The Shark Tank factor.  The Gem State leads the nation in Entrepreneurship.  The creation of Trailhead back in 2015 has allowed budding Entrepernuers to receive support and mentor ship.  Their ideas become businesses which lead to employing Idahoans.

Quality of Life.  Although home prices are rising, and homes are harder to find, folks continue to fuel the fast paced home sales market.  The state has a significant lower cost of living that the Bay Area, Seattle, or Portland.  We've also witnessed an explosion in craft beers and restaurants in the Treasure Valley.  Let's not forget the natural draws like the Boise River, Bogus Basin, and endless trails to hike.

Cheap power thanks to water.  Specifically hyrdropower which powers almost 51 percent of the state in 2016 reports, US News and World Reports. Solar power continues to help make Idaho one of the most affordable states for power.

The magic is in the valley.  The Gem State growth is not limited to just the Treasure Valley.  The Chobani Plant continues to attract international partners that has propelled growth in the Magic Valley.  Twin Falls just became the nations newest urban center.

As we know, there is a downside with so much growth.  Schools continue to try to play catch up with growth.  That's why we see so many levies, ever other year, to fund new schools.  A detailed plan will have to be implemented if Idaho wants to continue to attract new residents.


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