Governor Little's recent state address was historically significant in what was and wasn't said. The yearly address is by design a figurative blueprint on what direction and programs the governor would like the legislature to follow and pass into laws. This year's speech seemed more like a resume reading before a declaration of reelection.

The governor returned to his roots to focus more money and resources on funding the state's challenged education system. I don't believe a specific pledge has gone unfulfilled in prior years to reform the state's punitive property tax laws.

In an unusual move for an Idaho governor, Governor Little did compare his budget to that of the failing buffoon President Biden. Little pulled a chart featuring a smiling Brad Little and a frowning Joe Biden. The biggest comparison is Idaho's record surplus compared to Biden's expanding deficit. A brilliant move in political theater. However, Idaho's record surplus was not to a Dave Ramsey-like approach to our budget. The Gem State's money was courtesy of President Biden. The same Biden is being compared in harsh unfavorable light to Governor Little.

The governor used this part of his state of the state speech to send a message to all Republicans voting to nominate a governor in May. The message is: I'm Conservative, I'm fighting Biden, and the state is doing incredibly well economically. On the other hand, there would be no record surplus without Joe's handout. In his speech, I don't believe the governor explained Joe's contribution to our 'found money.

We are 119 days away from the May Primary. Are you ready?

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