As Labor Day approaches, Gem State residents will once again hear endless political ads and promises from candidates seeking their votes for the November Election. Most political insiders believe the governor's race was over during the May Republican Primary. Idaho has been called the reddest of the red, so can a Democrat win the governor's seat?

According to a recent poll reported by the Idaho Press, Democrat Paulette Jordan has closed to with eight points of Republican Lt. Governor Brad Little. The report cites the possibility of Medicaid expansion as the possible silver bullet for Jordan.

Let's face it; it's August, everyone is either on vacation or wishing they were on vacation. Yes, Jordan did upset millionaire AJ Balokoff. However, the state representative has never faced anything like a statewide campaign that she will experience this fall.

Idaho is a Republican state. There isn't enough registered Democrats to make the race competitive. Little is the type of Republican that appeals to Independents and crossover voters. He has the advantage of a united Republican Party, the backing of the business community, the resources of the Otter Administration, plus his own experience of running successfully statewide.

Little benefited from a rough and tumbled primary. The Republican knows the value of merging the grassroots, retail, and paid media aspects of the trail.

Jordan has appeared as the darling of the national media. She's given the Idaho media the so-called Heisman. In other words, a stiff arm. The national press attention is gratifying. However, the folks in Manhattan or Beverly Hills don't vote in Idaho.

Don't believe the hype or the polls; this race is over before it's begun. Get ready for Governor Little.


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