Recently the Idaho Legislature passed a law that allowed law enforcement officers to ticket drivers who drive too slow in the left-hand lane. Published reports indicate two people have received tickets and three other have received warning citations last month.

Considering the traffic challenges and the increase in vehicle accidents, shouldn't Gem State Law Enforcement focus on the speeders, tailgaters, and aggressive drivers instead of the slowpokes?

This morning we heard from a variety of listeners who agree with the new law. They're frustrated that slower drivers do not move to the right line.

However, how many accidents have we seen due to slow drivers? We do see more collisions happening because of reckless/aggressive drivers. The solution is to put more law enforcement on the streets to enforce speed limits.

The challenge is that we have so many people moving to the Treasure Valley, most local police departments find themselves spending more time answering calls than citing speeders.

The police departments can only do so much with limit resources. Laws themselves will not curb lousy behavior without adverse consequences. Drivers must take responsibility for their safety when traveling from one destination to another and not rely on backseat driving legislators.



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